Atlas PV-9HP 2 Post Lift
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The Atlas® PV-9HP is the taller version of the Atlas® PV-9P two post above ground lift. The over head beam (that connects the two columns) is positioned two feet higher than the over head beam on the Atlas® PV-9P. The taller position of the over head beam allows the Atlas® PV-9HP above ground hoist to lift “taller vehicles”. The Atlas® PV-9HP is a commercial grade two post lift that incorporates the same arm and carriage design as our Industry leader PV-10P. The PV-9HP has symmetric columns and specially designed arms that can be set in either the symmetric or asymmetric position. The PV-9P has dual direct drive cylinders and single point lock release.

The Atlas® PV-9HP is designed and engineered to safely lift (and work on) everything from a Smart Car® to a one ton dually.
PV-9HP Extra Tall 9,000 LB. Commercial Grade 2-Post Lift

Extra Overall Height: 174 1/2" (14' 6 1/2")
Commercial Grade
9,000 LB. Capacity
EZ-Metric Arms
“Padded” Shut-Off Bar
Thick Rubber Covers On Carriages
Powder Coat Finish
Free 12 Piece Truck Adapter Set
Mounting Hardware Included
Shipping Weight: 1,600 LB.

Atlas® PV-9HP Specifications
Capacity 9,000 LB.
Overall Height on low setting 166 ½” (13' 10 ½”) On high setting 174 ½” (14' 6 ½”)
Padded Bar Height on low setting 159 ½” (13' 3 ½”) On high setting 167 ½” (13' 11 ½”)
Overall Width Low setting 135" (11' 3") High setting 135" (11' 3")
Outside Column to Outside Column 125 ½” (10' 5 ½”)
Maximum Lift Height (Without Adapters) 71 ½” (5' 11 ½”)
Maximum Lift Height (With Adapters) 80 ½” (6' 8 ½”)
Minimum Arm Height 4 ½”
Inside Column 112 ¼” (9' 4 ¼”)
Column Size 6 ½” x 10 ½”
Column Thickness of Steel 5 gauge (.2", 5.08mm)
Drive Thru Symmetric/Asymmetric Configuration 99 ½” (8' 3 ½”) – Symmetric; 93" (7' 9") – Asymmetric
Base Of Lift 15” x 17”
Cable Diameter .375"
Motor/Electrical Requirement 3 HP, 220 volt single (1) phase. A 30 amp breaker is recommended.
Shipping Weight 1,600 LBS.

Requires a minimum of 4" of concrete with 3000 psi.
All lifts come with a step by step instruction manual.
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