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Brand: Ammco-Coats
Model: 60X Series
Type: X-Series Rim Clamp Tire Changer

The Coats 60X Tire Changer is designed especially to handle tough-to-change tires like low profiles and run-flats.

The Coats 60X-Series tire machines are an upgraded version of the Coats Rim Clamp® changer you’ve always known and trusted with new accessory and storage packages to fit your needs. With 60X tire changers you get the same Coats rugged reliability and easy operation, but now they give you more standard features, more options, and more value in a new tire changer.

Ammco-Coats 60X Tire Changer Configuration Options:

Coats 60XAF1 Air, Foot Operated, Basic Accessory Kit
Coats 60XAF2 Air, Foot Operated, Extended Accessory Kit
Coats 60XAF3 Air, Foot Operated, Premium Accessory Kit
Coats 60XAH1 Air, Hand Operated, Basic Accessory Kit
Coats 60XAH2 Air, Hand Operated, Extended Accessory Kit
Coats 60XAH3 Air, Hand Operated, Premium Accessory Kit
Coats 60XEF1 Electric, Foot Operated, Basic Accessory Kit
Coats 60XEF2 Electric, Foot Operated, Extended Accessory Kit
Coats 60XEF3 Electric, Foot Operated, Premium Accessory Kit
Coats 60XEH1 Electric, Hand Operated, Basic Accessory Kit
Coats 60XEH2 Electric, Hand Operated, Extended Accessory Kit
Coats 60XEH3 Electric, Hand Operated, Premium Accessory Kit
Ammco-Coats 60X Series Tire Changer Features:

Robo-Arm™ assists in top bead mounting for stiff sidewalls, low profiles, and runflats.
Pushes wheel down on stiff sidewall to assist in wheel clamping.
Presses tire sidewall down to help insert lift tool.
Holds bead in drop center position to help lift bead onto duckhead.
Holds tires in UP position to assist in second bead removal.
Manual bead roller holds tire bead down to lube both tire and wheel.
Model 7665AX includes inflation guard.

The basic set gives you all the accessoris you need to start changing tires. Included in the basic set: lift tool, lube bottle & swab, and stell 3-position clamps.
The extended set includes added alloy wheel protection. You get our patented laminated Grip-Max® Clamps, which maximize grip with less metal-to-metal risk, as well as extra grips. Other protective devices include an upgraded plastic mount/demount head, bead loosener show socks and lift tool socks. We've also included paste lube and paste lube bracket with an applicator brush.
The premium set gives you the best that Coats has to offer. You get all the features of the extended set plus an upgraded high-spoke mount/demount head and Duckhead® roller. We also added our premium tower storage cabinet, perfect for keeping all your tools right on hand.
Choose a 60X Series Accessory Set

Once you’ve decided on your 60X-Series' configuration, you can customize your changer even more with one of three accessory sets.