Dannmar Cadet 6000 XL Scissor Lift
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The Cadet 6000XL mid-rise scissor lift is a 6000-lb capable lift, that is perfect for wheel service shops. It doesn't take up an extra bay, which, as a shop owner; you will find very helpful. With it's ability to be moved out of the way when not in use, it means more efficiency for your shop.

The arm assemblies have one of the widest range of movement in the industry, making it a perfect fit for even more vehicles than before. The steel wheels have increased in size since the original Cadet 6000, the gauge of steel has increased all around, the power unit is far more efficient and powerful: even the power unit cart has been completely redesigned.

It raises fast, it's far sturdier than the competition - and it's made by Dannmar: what else could you ask for?

It has multiple safety lock bars, a reliable power unit, 49.375" max lifting height, and is all-around blowing away the competition since its inception.

If you want the top of the line for mid-rise lifts, this is it: plus the price puts the value way above the rest of the market.

Perfect For Servicing Light-Duty Trucks And Cars
Portable Motor Cart Serves As Tow Handle
Truck adapters included FREE
Easily Move Lift From One Bay To Another
Horizontally adjustable arm assemblies
Safety Lock Bar With Many Lock Positions
Fast Rise and Steady Descent
Lifting Capacity: 6,000 lbs. / 2724 kg.
Maximum Rise, top of 6" Pad Adapter: 49.375"
Maximum Rise, 3" Pad Adapter: 46.5"
Maximum Rise, Top of Pad: 44"
Maximum Rise, Top of Lift: 42.5"
Motor: 110 - 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Lowered Height: 4.75" / 121 mm
Shipping Weight: 852 lbs. / 387 kg
Shipping Dimensions:84" x 41" x 27" / 2134 mm x 1041 mm x 686 mm
Lifting Time: 45 Seconds
Lays Flat to the Floor
To make the Cadet truly portable, we made it so it can fit just about anywhere. With its ability to lay flat, it can slide under for storage, and you can drive right over it.
Steel Casters
To make a truly portable lift, the Cadet rolls around on steel casters, making storage easy. The hook on the power unit fulcrums the hook point on the opposite end of the lift, allowing you to lift one side with the power unit while the other side rolls along.
Completely Portable Lift
The uniqueness about this portable power unit is the hook at the bottom, allowing you to fulcrum the lift over, so that when you roll the power unit, the lift can move around on its casters as well.

Massive Capacity
Despite its size, the Cadet 6000XL can lift up to 6,000-lbs. It will lift your work truck with ease.
Heavy-Duty Steel Safety Locks
Rest easy while a vehicle is resting above you. The heavy-duty steel safety locks are robust and stronger than the original Cadet 6000.
Undercar Access
Want full access to every part of your vehicle while servicing it? The Cadet 6000XL is perfect for you.

Perfect for Body Shops
With easy access to panels, wheels, and undercar - this lift is perfect for body and restoration shops.
Free Adapter Set
The Cadet 6000XL comes with all the adapters shown. Now you can easily adapt to more vehicles than ever before.
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