Dannmar Two Post 10,000 lb Lift
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Admiral 9000-X
Over-Sized Baseplates
Every Dannmar 2-Post Lift comes standard with over-sized baseplates to completely hault any back and forth sway; and greatly reduce fatigue on concrete. The bigger the footprint, the more safe the lift becomes.
UHMW Slide-Block Load Bearings
We use ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene load bearings to protect the inside of the columns, increasing the longevity of the lifting mechanisms, and providing years of smooth, no snag, lifting.
Optional Frame Cradle Pads
Optional frame cradle adapters are the perfect solution for raising certain vans or pickups. Rubber contact pads allow for protection for underbody vehicle components and undercoating.
Baseplate Adapter Seats
These unique baseplate adapter seats will stop any worry of losing your all-too-necessary lift pad adapters. Just another way to provide ease-of-use to our customers.
Free Truck and Van Adapters
Others might charge extra for these necessary adapters, but they're standard with every Dannmar 2-Post Lift. Ideal for trucks and vans with running boards or auxiliary fuel tanks.
Industrial-Grade Power Unit
The hydraulic power unit uses a single-phase motor that requires 208-230 volts AC and a 25 amp breaker. A simple push-button switch raises the lift and a push-lever controls descent.
The Admiral 9000X is the extended version of the Admiral 9000 two-post automotive lift, providing over a foot more in width between posts and drive through clearance than the standard version. This floor-plate garage lift offers serious benefits that make it very desirable to both the service technician, business owner, and the home owner.
This vehicle lift is extra-wide for those larger vehicles, and its extended arm reach will cover most vehicle lifting points. The Admiral 9000X has a low-profile design which is perfect for shops and garages with height restrictions.
9,000 lbs lifting capacity
Low column height accommodates low-ceiling
6 feet of under-car clearance
Maintenance-free polyethylene load bearings
Single-piece columns for added strength
Dual hydraulic cylinders combined with "chain over" lifting system provides 2-to-1 lifting speed and rugged dependability
Equalization system maintains equal lifting
Comes standard with truck and van adapter set
A low-profile bottom cover plate means easier vehicle positioning
Includes detailed installation and maintenance instructions, graphic safety and maintenance decals, and a vehicle lifting point guide and safety instruction placard guidelines
Oversize column base plates provide strong support
Safety locks in each column spaced every three inches
Heavy-duty 3/8" and 1/2" equalizer cables
Convenient storage is included for truck and van adapters
Lifting Capacity: 9,000 lbs. / 4091 kg.
Overall Height: 113" / 2870 mm.
Overall Width (Outside of Base plates): 145" / 3683 mm.
Overall Width (Outside of Columns): 137" / 3480 mm.
Floorplate Height: 2" / 51 mm.
Width Between Columns: 118" / 2997 mm.
Minimum Reach (Front Arm): 35" / 889 mm.
Maximum Reach (Front Arm):52" / 1321 mm.
Minimum Reach (Rear Arm): 35" / 889 mm.
Maximum Reach (Rear Arm): 52" / 1321 mm.
Minimum Pad Height: 4" / 102 mm.
Rise: 74" / 1880 mm.
Maximum Lifting Height (Pad Only): 76" / 1930 mm.
Maximum Lifting Height (Pad & 6" Adapter): 82" / 2083 mm.
Drive Thru Clearance: 109" / 2769 mm.
Motor: 220 VAC 60Hz. 1Ph
Floorplate Convenience
The beauty of a floorplate lift is in its ability to lift high profile vehicles, such as economy vans, like Sprinters or Transits. Feel free to lift to your desired height with the freedom of a floorplate lift.
Heavy-Duty Steel Safety Locks
The heavy duty steel safety locks engage every 3" to ensure your total safety while operation this lift.
Telescoping Arms
Telescoping full-reach arms increase overall arm positioning for lifting a variety of different wheel base vehicles. Overall arm sweep and minimum arm reach are also extended to precisely lift vehicles that have unibody contruction, OEM recommended pick-up points and wide or narrow wheelbase configurations.
Dual-Synchro Equalization System
Our unique dual-synchro equalization system haults any side from lifting faster than the other. This ensures that the safety locks will be engaged at the same time, and also makes sure that both arms are lifted evenly at all times - reducing stress on many lift components. We use 3/8" heavy-duty steel-braided equalizer cables.
Single-Piece Construction
We purposely manufacture the columns using single-piece construction for added strength and less fatigue under heavy load conditions.
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