9,000 lb Two Post Lifts
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1. Concrete shall have compression strength of at least 3,000psi and a minimum thickness of 4” in order to achieve a minimum anchor depth of 3 1/2”. If the top of the anchor exceeds 2” above the floor grade, you DO NOT have enough depth.
2. Use holes in column base plate as a guide before drilling the 3/4”diameter holes in the concrete floor. Make sure the hole distance from the edge is not less than 6”. Hole depth should be a minimum of 4”, it is recommended to drive through the 4” concrete, unless you have a high water table.
3. CAUTION: DO NOT install on asphalt or other similar unstable surface. Columns are supported only by anchoring into the floor.
4. Shim each column base until each column is plumb. If one column has to be elevated to match the plane of the other column, then full-size base shim plates should be used (Reference Shim Kit) torque anchors to 130 ft-lbs. Shim thickness MUST NOT exceed 3/8” when using the 5 1/2” long anchor provided with the lift. Adjust the column extensions plumb.
5. If anchors do not tighten to 130 ft-lbs installation torque, then replace concrete under each column base with a 4’X4’X6” thick 3,000psi minimum concrete pad keyed under and flush with the top of existing floor. Let concrete cure before installing lifts and anchors.
Concrete Requirments
9,000 lb lifting capacity
Asymmetric lift arms
Low profile swing arm design
Low profile 'Drop In' lift pads
1-5/16" & 5" stackable height adapters
Saddle pad adapters (1 pair)
Dual point lock release
Overhead 'Shut-Off' limit wire
Automatic arm restraints
Chain drive cylinders
Durable powder-cost finish
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