RANGER R-76LT Tire Changers
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Type of Drive System-Electric / Air Motor
Model R76ATR -2 HP (110/240VAC 50-60 HZ)
ModelR76ATRF -2 HP (110/240VAC 50-60 HZ)-2HP (208-240V,50-60 HZ, 1-Phase Only)
Air Requirement -110-175 PSI (8-12 BAR)
Wheel Clamping Method (Adjustable Clamps)4 Clamps - Internal / External
Table Clamping System-Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
Bead Breaking System-Adjustable Pneumatic Blade
Tower Design-Tilt-Back
Power Assist Tower(s)-Single / Right-Side
Bead Lifting Roller(s)-Single / Right-Side
Upper Bead Assist Roller-Single / Right-Side
Traveling Drop-Center Hold Down Devise-Standard
Vertical Shaft / Tool Head Positioning -Pneumatic / Locking
Inflation System-Standard
Inflation Gauge & Integrated Air Dump Valve-Standard
Inflation Pressure Regulator/Limiter-Standard
Water Filter-Standard
Oiler / Lubricator-Standard
Air Regulator-Standard
Bead Tool/Tire Iron-Standard
Alloy-Steel Mount-Demount Head-Standard
Nylon Mount-Demount Head-Standard
Large Soap Bucket-Standard
Soap Brush-Standard
Inflation Restraint Devise-Standard
Powerful Bead Seating System-TurboBlast™
Tool Tray / Bin StorageStandard
Motorcycle Turntable Clamps-Optional
Internal Rim Clamping Capacity-10" – 30” ( 254 mm - 762 mm)
External Rim Clamping Capacity-9" – 28" (229 mm - 711 mm)
Turntable Tire Width Capacity (Mounting)-4" – 18" (102 mm – 457 mm)
Bead Breaker Tire Width Capacity (Demounting)-1.5" – 16" (38 mm – 406 mm)
Maximum Tire Diameter-43" (1092 mm)
Shipping Weight-970 lbs. (440 Kg) / 979 lbs. ( 445 Kg)

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