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Specializing in car & truck lifts, brake lathes, pipe benders, tire changers, wheel balancers, and much more! ARESCO, Inc. is the source for all of your automotive equipment needs. We carry a full line of equipment and replacement parts for most makes and models. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, we at ARESCO are committed to providing our customers with quality products and service.
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Lifting capacity: 11,000 lbs
Maximum Lifting Height-75.6"
Minimum Column Height-143"
Cylinder Full Height-145.4"
Total Width-137.8"
Drive-Thru Clearance-96"
Floor To Overhead Switch-140"
Front Arm Reach(min/max)-23.6" to 39.4"
Rear Arm Reach(min/max)-38.6" to 61.8"
Screw Pad Height-4.3" to 7.8"
Inside Column Width-108"
Motor: 2 HP
Voltage-208-230 volt / 60hz / single phase
Rise Speed-54 sec
Maximum Load Per Arm-2750 lbs
Minimum Ceiling Height Required-143.5"
Narrow Bay Setting-Non Adjustable
Maximum Column Height-149"

TLT-211-AS LAUNCH 11,000 lb 2 post lift

1) Adjustable Column Height-Provides an extra 6" of height adjustment for ease of installation with various ceiling heights.

2)Adjustable Column Width-Provides extra 6" of width adjustment for narrow service bays to custom fit your shop
0,000 lb Models only)

3)Rubber door guards-Provides added security against door damage.

4) Outer Hose Guards-Protects hydraulic hoses from damage.

5)Stackable Foot Pads Extensions-Extra tall applications are no problem with the two 6" tall and two 3" short extensions.

6) Single Point Lock Release-Allows technicians to disengage both column locks simultaneously.

7) Heavy-Duty Arm Restraint System-Oversized rugged steel gears,pins,and springs for trouble free operation.

8)Double Telescoping Screw Pads-Used with or without rubber pads offering 6.5" adjustment for complete vehicle coverage.

Lift Carriage view
Arm Lock
Lift Pad With Slip-on Rubber
Front And Rear Arms
The TLT-211-AS is a heavy duty lift that is perfect for lifting the smallest economy cars to the largest SUV's and front end heavy diesel pickups. The increased productivity to lift both symmetrically or asymmetrically assures maximum service bay efficiency.

Offside Safety Latch Mechanism
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